I'm reading something about Forever 21 industry for my presentation.Here is the paragraph I'm reading now.I'll just copy the original one for you.

" Forever 21 doesn't advertise, depending largely on its merchandise, locations and word-of-mouth to establish its self-proclaimed position as even more of-the-moment than H&M. Since they arrived from South Korea broke, the Changs feel that stylishness should be an inalienable right for anyone and they set their profit margins much lower than other retailers (price tags average $15 and rarely break $40; solidly within reach of a teen babysitter)."

The RED BOLD part I couldn't understanding what is talking about.Can someone tell me?

If you are interested in this article LINK here .

Thank you

A young person whose only source of money is getting paid for babysitting can afford to buy things here.
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thank you very much!
What did you mean when you wrote "I'm stocked." That's not the right word, but I'm not sure what the right word is because I'm not sure of your intended meaning. "I'm stuck"?