Hi, I found this sentence in a text book. Shouldn't it be "I'm terribly sorry". If it is a correct sentence, howcom we can use "terrible" and "terribly" in the same sentence structure. Thanks in advance.
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If you want to be grammatically correct, the word should be "terribly" since it is an adverb describing "sorry".

Many people speak/write in colloquial terms and do not pay special attention to adverbs, that must be why "terrible" was used.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply, but this sentence is in a text book and when I googled it I got about 15000 results.
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Well, if it's in a grammar book, then the book is wrong.

"terrible sorry" is used in colloquial language. You will get lots of hits if you google for "terrible sorry". Many people do use this construction just like that.

However, the gramatically correct version would be "terribly sorry"

By the way, is it a grammar book you're looking at or is the phrase "terrible sorry" in a story?
Actually, it is used in a conversation between a customer and a waiter in a resturant. I think your right, just wonder why they use such a sentence in a study text book, "ExpressWays". Thanks for the help.
I see, then it's definitely colloquial language. The authors of the book probably just wanted to show how people actually talk in real life.
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Thanks, Chompipe
but I've also seen LOTS of mistakes in English textbooks
especially in eastern Asian countries
terrible Emotion: wink
Ohk your saying a lots of English textbook have mistakes especially in Asian countries...i hope India is not on the list as it is the country where you will find most of the famous writers and publishers hence there won't be no such grammar error in any book found in India
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