Anyone have any idea to write a personal statement for postgraduate application ? Im applying for the computing courses. I know that the statement will be crucial for me to secure a place .. pls help me as my english and grammar are terrible.

Thanks ...
Graduated from a local university in *** with a degree in Economics, I had secured a job for myself in *** Company as an administration officer. Working in *** was an eye opener with constant motivation and involvement in sales co-ordination. During this period of stay, I have developed a very strong interest in sales and marketing. Although I work as an administration officer in Philips but I tend to participate in most of the road shows and promotions. I even did some self studies by reading some of the Marketing books. Personally I am a person with constant motivation and drive to move forward and I found that Marketing is very demanding and challenging which suit my character very well. As, I would want to strengthen myself with a strong base of Marketing and I find that the Marketing course offered by your university is exactly what I needed.

I know that having marketing as my postgraduate program will provides distinct advantages for my future career and moving me forward towards reaching my goals. I would definitely want to see myself move up the hierarchy and somewhere towards accomplishing my goal as a Marketing manager in the near future. By engaging in continuous education I hope to become a valuable asset to my employer. This value will allow me the flexibility to take on business challenges and help me to become a well-rounded individual and an asset to society. Staying challenged competitive and ethical would continue to create value not only for myself, but also for my employer, family and society.

I am very aware of the excellent reputation of your university; It would, therefore be a privileged to be able to secure admission to pursue postgraduate studies in your university and I am confident that I can match your high standards set by your university. I will do my best to earn good results and grades. I am confident that I will make the University proud to have me as their alumni.
Raising from a poor family background, I haven’t had much choice but to rely on government funding for higher education. During that period, I was accepted to local university for my first degree in AAA. Although my greatest desire was to study computer related subjects but rejecting the funding was not an option at that time. Eventually, I graduated and now working as a AA in *** company.

During a year in ***, I have equipped and developed my communication skills and passion for computer as my work involved in product marketing and customer’s database. Although I don’t acquire much proper training, my employer entrust me by giving a lot computer related task such as developing databases and networking. I perform and handle well even though my job require constant pressure and meeting deadline. Despite that, i still find some to improve my computer skills from programming, firewall and networking by reading and lately, I have been thinking of attending Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) courses provided by ABC Technologies Centre. But to be accepted and excel in computing sectors I needed a stronger base and more understanding about computer and not just technical skills provided by MCSE and CCNA training. This is why I chose conversion program to improve and broaden my foundation and knowledge as well as the environment to develope my practical skills.

Upon completion , I plan to commit myself in IT sector especially in networking. As networking demand high level of technical skills and knowledge, MCSE and CCNA definitely will be in my future portfolio. It’s through computing that I feel I can serve best and fulfill my childhood dreams.