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Song is called Land Of A Thousand Dances by Guy
lol..its brass monkey and it by the beastie boys
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the song is called 'brass monkey'- by 'beastie boys'.
the song is called -land of 1000 dances (kool-aid song), by Wilson Pickett.
The song is called ''Land of a Thousand Dances'' !!

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im trying to find a song but idk what its called. it goes like this. kick me when i fall down. underrr the rounder. kick me into the lost and foundddd. upppp and down!!! this is what you always wanted. its what u asked for. this is what u always asked for and now you want more. plzzzzzz help me!!!!!
im looking for that song too if u find out can u email me on msn at removed Emotion: winkPlease register and write your details in your profile, thanks!
Hi Bek,

I am pretty sure that the song you are after is "Slave to the Music" by Twenty 4 Seven.


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Bek - It's Slave to the Music by Twenty 4 Seven
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