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young love sings it too
young love- find a new way to dance or find another way.. something like that
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find another way to dance - young love
Hey there

I found the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The song is called, "Find a new way," and is by a band called Young Love. You can find the lyrics at http://www.wowlyrics.com/read.php?wow=1828752

Have fun listening/reading!!!!!!!

P.S. You're welcome. lol.
i think the band's name is "faithless"
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yeah, its called find another way - by young love. if your looking for the one from the show dance life.
did you ever find out the name or the artist bc i wanna know 2?! ~thanks
Find another way to dance by young love
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Song is by:

Young Love - Find A New Way
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