the lyrics go something like this "If it takes away the pain, it's alright, we'll find another way to dance" Thats all I can remember.. it's somewhat of a fast beat dancey song!! If you have any idea please respond ASAP!
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It's called "Find A New Way" by American Express. If you want the song, e-mail me: et
your email didnt show up????
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I need this song too! Please let me have it too!!
i know this was posted a long time ago, but i really really really want this song. can anyone help me with this??? thanks so much!
I can send you the file if you want.
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I have been trying to find this song forever! if anyone knows it, could you pleae, please, please let me know where i can get it? thanks!
can you give me that song?
Can you please send me the file too?? I really want this song. My email is Email Removed">Email Removed PLEASE send me the song...and can you please label the email so I know what it is. Thanks so much!
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