Have u ever thought about it? What if tomorrow comes, u wake up, but ur eyes stop functioning? I don't wanna depress pple, but it's really a scary thought that we don't feel the bounties of God until we lose them.

eyes ... they are still in there place, but thanx God, as He made them under our service, He gave us the chance to decide how to use them, but He told us two things, at least:
One, u will be held accountable.
Second, u never knows if u will be able to use them again.

Some pple never had eyes...
Imagine, eating.. ur relationship with mom, dad.. others.. ur school.. ur prayers.. masjid.. friends.. EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT.

I will just end with these two things:
1-as they say,.. or pray as if this is ur last prayer.. i Say: use ur eyes as if this is the last time u use them .. How will u use them?
2-eyes are just one of the bounties that we should be aware of...
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It is a terrible thing to have happen. It would be so difficult.
You have to think of those people that are BORN without eyes. They won't know what a colour is or shapes or forms or images or.....
It's quite scary when you think about it.
Eyes, through which I am enjoying this beautiful world, wonderful creation of god.
Through eyes whcih I am Seeing beautiful womanEmotion: wink

Cant Imagine myself without eyes.
Such thoughts gives me Horrible Terrible feelings.
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I dont know exactly why I do, but daily, while I travel through bus from my home to office and visa versa, I close my eyes through out my travel after I get seated. I keep guessing the turns and location and open my eyes after reaching my destination.
Many times I get perfect guess in the non regular route also.

For those who are curious, Distance I travel is around 14 KMs from my home to oiffice
and around 16 KMs to my home from office.