Hi, I have 2 questions in the paragraph below.

1. "he was immaculately conceived?"

I'd like to know what 'conceived' means here. Does it mean .. he is in her mother's belly..?

2. What's this about midichlorians and the Force?

This sentence looks simple but I don't get it clearly. I'd understand if the question sentence is "What's this about?" or "Is this about midichlorians and the Force?". But the said sentence looks like a mixture of two sentences. Sorry that I cannot address the question clearly.

Thank you again!

George Lucas’ prequels get a bad rap and, well, they kind of deserve it at times. Especially this one. What basically is a two-hour trailer for the rest of Anakin Skywalker’s story is kind of a mess — he was immaculately conceived? What’s this about midichlorians and the Force?


1. It refers to the "immaculate conception", a religious concept of the Christian church whereby Mary, mother of Jesus, was supposedly conceived free of original sin. The Wikipedia article says:

"The doctrine of the immaculate conception (Mary being conceived free from original sin) is not to be confused with the virginal conception of her son Jesus. This misunderstanding of the term immaculate conception is frequently met in the mass media."

Without knowing more of the story, it is not possible to be sure whether the author is using the term in the technically correct way or the popular but misunderstood way.

2. By itself, "What’s this?" expresses the author's surprise, incomprehension, etc. at a certain aspect of the story. "about midichlorians and the Force" modifies "this" (sort of), explaining which aspect is being referred to, i.e. which is causing surprise etc.

fort lee"he was immaculately conceived?"

The reviewer's complaint is that there is not enough information about where he came from biologically. Who were his mother and father?

fort leeWhat's this about ... ?

What is this talk about ...? ~ What are they talking about when they talk about midichlorians and the Force?

It's asking for an explanation of a plot point that the reviewer finds obscure.

What's this about Howard's being better?
What's this about only having 15 students?
What's this about a membership card?



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Thank you so much for your great explanation. Really!

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Thank you very much. Your example sentences are very helpful.