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Well, i had a english test today and i have a doubt about one question:

CHILDREN, WRITE YOUR HOMEWORK (it was written exactly like that)
Question: Pass this sentence to imperative form.

a) Children, write your homework
b) Write your homework
c) Children writes your homework

d) All wrong

I marked B, but now i guess i was wrong.
Wich is the correct alternative?

Thank you so much. =) xx
(a) and (b) with both be correct if they had periods at the end. None of them are idiomatic, though -- we would say "Do your homework," not "Write your homework."

"Pass this sentence to imperative form" is also odd -- it should be "change this sentence to the imperative," except that the sentence is already an imperative.
The correct letter is (A).
The sentence, as given, is imperative.
However, as Khoff says, it needs a period at the end.
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So, do u think the correct letter would be D? Cuz if a) and b) are "wrong"...
Im really nervous about this question. =/
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thanks, im really confused about it.
each one tells me one alternative... some people said A and B (but its impossible, cuz there is only one correct alternative) and some people said D.
Well. idk... Emotion: sad