i have a class debate compitition and my topic is "Importance of television". i want around 10 points on this topic. please help me out with it.
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'Television spares family members the embarrassment of having to entertain each other in the evening.'

Nine to go, Guest.

It keeps even the illiterate informed. (?)
People all over the world can watch the Miss Universe competition or the Academy Awards or the Olympics at the same time. (?)
It keeps people off the streets, thereby reducing crime. (?)
It provides a screen on which to view your VCR tapes or your DVD's. (?)
If it weren't there, you'd just be watching the wall behind it all the time. (?)
It provides a baby-sitter function. (?)
If you're alone, it provides "company" even if it's just background noise. (?)
You can learn a foreign language without attending class (depending if that's offered in your area). (?)
You can get all the dirt on movie stars. (?)
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Thieves always steal them first when they break into your house.
It's the best reason for reading.
You can see a lot of ads without seeing the price of the products.
We all know that in every household there was a television its because, we are living now in a modernist country. the television plays an important role to us it will help us to be aware whats happening on our society that we live in. we can also easilly have an advertisement to our product. dont you know advertising is one of the veyr best thing to do to introduce certain product?
And it's a convenient place to set down your car keys.
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education, help kids to improve their language skills
it helps us inform the recent news about the economical problem of a certain country.
Telivision is an important media in d 21st century. Furthermore it provides ample scope 4 presenting creative and eye-catchy advertisements, boosting company transactions.
Not only is it a boon 4 advertising, it is also a wholesome family educator and entertainer. Various programmes aired on the TV also....
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