I find that the usage of prepositions is really difficult to get right. Prepositions in English require accuracy otherwise, you may not make the sense you want.

In this case, I would appreciate a little help from you to tell me the difference between Important for me and Important to me. I have the same problem with Good for me and Good to me.

Thanks in advance.
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For => used to indicate the object, aim or purpose of an action or activity. Also used to indicate appropriateness or suitability

Important for me => in my opinion, this is important because

My father’s health is very important to me, and I am willing to stay home to care for him.

To => used to indicate direction toward

Important to me => I am the receiver of this action, it affects my own well-being

Similarly, here are the other examples:

Knowing Jim has been good for me. Thanks to his wide contacts, I have been able to get more houses listed under my name.

Jim has been good to me. He truly cares about me, and my well-being.
Thank you for the explanation. I have this very clear now.
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Important for me and Important to me. I have the same problem with Good for me and Good to me.

for implies the fulfillment of a need; to is simply an indication of directionality.

Sometimes people who are good to us are not necessarily good for us. That is, sometimes when people give us whatever we want and extend to us every kindness possible, they are not doing us any good because what we may need is to learn to do things for ourselves, and they are preventing this learning from happening.

Medicine may not taste good to you, but if you are ill, that medicine may be good for you.

What about this sentece?

" we know all that's fixed isn't good for/to us."

I think it goes with the 2 options: it's my opinion, it's for me.
Great explanation!! =) Thank you!
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