1. We are here to help you learn how to write prose in the English language; we are not an essay-writing service. Do not simply ask us to write your essay or story for you, or to give you a list of ideas or thesis statements. We will not do this.

2. Before you post, search the internet for sites such as these-- HOW TO WRITE or COMPOSITION FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS-- and this one-- ESSAY EXAMPLES. You may need no further help from us!

3. If you still need help, write a first (draft) copy of your paper and post it in this forum; then we will offer you advice on how to improve it. If you are not ready to write yet, we will look at your OUTLINE or your THESIS STATEMENT. Just do the best you can at first; make an effort to use the best or most appropriate English you know. Post your effort in simple document format; do not paste from a software document or other HTML-coded documents.

4. A good effort is always respected here, but lack of effort will dampen our enthusiasm for assisting you. Proofread carefully before you post-- check spelling, capitalization and punctuation to the best of your ability. We will help you through several drafts of your paper, if you continue to post improved revisions.

5. DO NOT double post (i.e. do not offer the same writing in two different forums at English Forums).

6. DO NOT ask for a private emailed answer. We want all our visitors to benefit from our writing clinics.

7. DO NOT include information which you do not wish millions of visitors from the World Wide Web to read. Substitute fictional names, addresses and other information where necessary.

8. DO be patient-- your advisors are unpaid here. We are busy with our regular jobs, but we help as frequently as we can; also, we live all around the world, so may be sleeping when you are awake. We are usually very prompt in replying, but do not post a request regarding a paper that you suddenly need NOW.

One unfortunate fact is that shorter papers get better attention than longer ones. We have a limited amount of time that we can dedicate to any individual, and your advisor may have to focus on only a paragraph or portion of your submission, and expect you to extend that advice yourself to the rest of your writing. VERY long papers tend to be avoided with a sigh of resignation. Do not take this personally, it is just the ugly reality of time constraints.

9. DO remember to be polite. 'Please' and 'thank you' are magic words that will gain you help and friends. If you disagree strongly with any advice, it is often better to quietly make your own choices about accepting it rather than engaging in heated discussion.

10. DO feel free to ask us anything about using English, and enjoy your visit with us. We enjoy having you here.

11. For some advice from a different angle, here is a link to a useful Essay-writing Tutorial by one of our Russian members-- please see 134262.