Hello friends
I find it dfficult to use some verbs in their various other forms such as past,past perfect etc..
For example,while talking to someone I would say "I cutted that bread in to two pieces" instead of using "Cut" for the past tense too.And sometimes I even use past form for past participle.This makes me embarrased sometimes.Will you give me some guidelines on how to make the correct form etched in to my memory and also a short list of day-to-day verbs(most important and often mistook).
Thank you.
You can find a list of the irregular English verbs in almost any bilingual dictionary or grammar book, and the irregular verbs are among our commonest. I'm sure that you can find them on the internet too, if you'll bother to google. Make a list for yourself and put it in your bathroom; say them aloud every day ('run-ran-run, come-came-come' etc) until you have committed them to memory. It won't take long; there are only a couple of hundred of them in common use.
Thats a great idea Mister Micawber.couldn"t have got better and motivating than this!