Hi, In this context Does "Importuning" implies that Obama was harassed or further, He was asked to react or to do something?
If more text is needed please let me know ... thanks

"These were not the only senatorial voices importuning Obama. Daschle, too, was on the case, and so was a
coterie of senators close to him, including Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad, both of North Dakota."
He was strongly asked to do something.
Hi Mister, What about this word for "Importuning"? To Urge anyone ...
In Hebrew we have for it some meanings so just to be sure with it, thanks Emotion: smile
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Ops I think it was a mistake to pick "Urge" maybe Pleads ?
IMPORTUNE: to keep asking someone for something in a determined and annoying way.
I got the meaning... now I'll keep checking the meaning for it in Hebrew thanks a lot Emotion: smile
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I've just remembered the word that remined me Importune ... entreat ...