How can I understand English books without translating them?
I'm an English learner, and I'm so bad at reading. Now I want to start reading from zero. I found some easy English books for learners and children. The problem is there are always many phrases and structures that I can’t understand. I used my bilingual dictionary to understand them, but I failed. Then I tried to read those phrases and structures many times because I think I can understand them in English without translation. I mean "subconscious"
Is there anyone here who used to be like me in the past? What should I do when I face them in books, magazines, and newspaper? Like I said, I tried my best with my dictionary and grammar books, but nothing can change.


Cambridge is good for that. You have to dig around a bit, but they have a million expressions and collocations. You can also simply post your questions in the Vocabulary Forum here if you get stuck.