hi there
i would like to improve my speaking, so could u plz give me some advices?!
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hi jazz, can you please inform me about the advices recieved by you cause I do also have the same problem as youEmotion: wink
hi, i didn't receive any advices till now, but there are some others u can take from them.
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Hello, Jazz and guest,
I'm sure there are good advices on many threads, you just have to read them...
If you have more specific questions, don't hesitate to post them...
Hi all,

Just posted this reply to another question.

Re: Free software for spoken english

here is an excellent web site:


It offers audio and video material, and exercises, all free.
if you need to improve your speeking skill, you should study to speak by using mirror by yourself.

this was the first advise to you.

second one :I need money not payless

best regards
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hi Dilli
you seek to get payment from me, it is ok! but it will be in different way, that i am going to say a nice poetry of you when i become fluent in English language! Emotion: smile
yes i have som of them ,first listned more audios than u can .
and speak to people who are speaking english very well.

this is the first participation of me in this forum....

I glad to enjoy with you ...

I think that what mido said is correct....

you have to lesson to english as much as you can in tv- audio....and so on

and i think there is some thing is important and we have to miss it (exercise)

we do not use the language every day .... that what make us can not speak very well...

try & try & try then you will be the best .....

Best Wishes
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