hello everybody,

I'm Italian and I'm a studying in the netherlands for a master degree. I came here more than a month ago.
I'm facing some problems in speaking english. I'm pretty good in English, however, my main problems are:
- idiomatic expressions

I'm really eager to improve dramatically my english during this year. It's a little bit difficult for me because I get discouraged to easily sometimes. During this last month I figured out that I speak more fluently with people who makes me more confortable because I'm not trying to control what I'm saying.

Do you have any suggestion about how to solve the above mentioned problems?

Thank you in andvanced,

There is no magic way to improve. You are doing the best thing possible, and that is practicing with other English speakers. It is always helpful to watch movies and TV shows in English, and to listen to audio books. This gives you an opportunity to hear conversational English, in the case of movies and TV (and in some books that are written in a conversational tone), to pick up idioms and learn to understand them from the context of the plot, and to train your ear for the sounds and inflexions in English.

Good luck, don't get discouraged, and enjoy your time in the Netherlands!

In my opinion, the best way is to talk with native speakers,the more the better.And read materials which is written in English.

Best of luck.Emotion: smile