Hi, I'm looking for someone who wants to chat with me in English. I'd like improve my skills. I can teach him or her speak Polish:)
Hmmm, Looks like you've found the right partner! .......... I'm interested in chatting!

Look forward to hear from you soon!Emotion: big smile

i am looking for someone to chat with me in english.. i want to improve my conversation
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hello! I wanna improve my english!!!!!!!!!! I really want!!! i've a friend of mine who's american. so she basically help me to speak it good enough =). unfortunately she will live in july and i wanna continue to speak english... hope i'll chat with u asap! bye!
hi, m also intrested in chatting for improve my english...
Dear friend,
i m a college student, not in spoken-english country. I m from China. i would like to make friends. if u would like to make friends with me, u can send e-mail to me.
Email Removed.. i m looking forward to ur reply..
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i want to chat with u in english
hai me too want to improve
May i join you up ?
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