Hello Everybody!

I am currently developing a site for language learning. I am currently focusing on two aspects.

I am trying to build a database of audio files to help people improve their english vocabulary and pronunciation.

I am also working on building a database of translations and mp3s in other languages. The end result being that you can hear the word in your langauge and then hear the word in english.

In regards to pronunciation, if there is a word that you would like to hear, or a word pair that you would like from your language, to English, let me know. We can try and collaborate.

I am also focusing on helping people locate language schools in the countries that speak the language they are studying as a the native tongue.

Please check out my website and point out how I can make it better.
A few edits to your index page:

This is a project designed to help myself and others learn languages. The project may take many different forms as we go forward. Right now, our primary goal is to grow our database of words and translations

As an auditory learner, I have learned a great deal from vocabulary tapes and CDs. Unfortunately, all of these recordings are limited. They cannot possibly cover all the language, and there is always something new to be learned. With this project, I hope to increase the tools available to us. After gathering all of these tools, we can share them with the world in one form or another.

While I am a big fan of independent learning, there is no substitute for adventure and instruction from good schools in the area where people actually speak the language you are trying to learn. In order to help others live this experience, we are accumulating a searchable database of language immersion schools. You can easily find these around the world on our map of language schools .
I forgot the link!

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
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Thanks a lot. I added all of your changes. I did not think it was super hard to understand but your version might be a bit "better written."

Thanks a lot.