my vocublary is very bad what to do?
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read as much as you can, journalism on the internet would be good.

look up words that you do not know - maybe using an on-line dictionary, maybe using an English dictionary as well as one to translate to your own language

write the new words down in a note book

then attempt to LEARN them! #

then go back and revise and test yourself!

later ...
re-read the articles that you learnt your new words from and see if you can recall them this time.
my vocabulary is also quite limited. I think I have improved it a bit by watching films in english and by reading.
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my vocublary is very bad what to do?

You r not alone. There r many who've a weak vocabulary.

But there is nothing to worry about. The solution is always there, if u try.

Search the net and u'll find lots of sites that'll help u improve your vocabulary.

Just keep your eyes, ear and mind open.

Whenever u hear any new words, just write it down.

Consult a dictionary for its meaning and start using the word in your conversation.

Use the words as often as u like till u get accustomed to its meaning and use.

Make sentences with the new words.

Practice this and u'll see the result soon.

Meanwhile, why don't u check this sites:


Its an award winning site by BBC.

U'll b amazed to see the unique process they use to improve one's english.
It'll help u improve your vocabulary.

Just click on the VOCABULARY tab.

Best of Luck,

May God Bless u,


just go for english newspapers and write the word that u are not knowing on a paper and find out the meaning in dictionary. and then use in writing and speaking . it will help alot .

wishing u best of luck

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sir/ madam my english very week. pls teach me some how i improve my vocublary

Read novels, and read the aboveEmotion: smile
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