I'm a total noob in regards to poem so all criticism are welcomed. I like to learn free verse poems because I hate rules - no. In truth I suck at rhythm and rhyme. My brain is not built for it. So I decided to focus on nuance, content, and consistency instead of forms. Or at least I want to improve in those areas in writing.

The challenge in free verse poems for me is to learn how to separate lines not to appease grammar rules but to enhance the delivery itself.

Thanks for taking the time to review my poem and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In a flash

Oh Zeus

Nature may quake at the appearance of your lightning strike

Feeble man would coward at your presence

But the breath of God Almighty in Christ’s new birth

far surpass your glory

For God’s grace liberate sinful people

from the sound of your whip

The heavenly hosts sings in celebration

for the power of Christ’s resurrection

As for you - your name is defamed twice-over

in a flash

Eternal life belong to the true God of all ages - Jesus of Nazareth

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