She died in/after a car accident in a tunnel.

What is the difference between the prepositions in and after in this context?

I tend to think in means she died on the spot while after means she died after the accident, maybe in the hospital or on the way to a hospital.

I would interpret it the same way you did.

After seems a little odd here. I could die after a fight at the Superbowl, but have nothing do with the fight. It could just mark a point in time.

She died from injuries received in a car accident that occurred in a tunnel.
Using ' after ' sounds like it is not the accident that caused her death. She died after the event ( accident ) taken place.
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That's what I thought when I first read it. But apparently, that's how it's written on CNN.

Princess Diana died after a car accident in a Paris tunnel a decade ago on August 31.
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