Bapi had on a brown T-shirt and Bimal an off-white shirt. In an almost bizarre touch, the police had found identical floral-patterned masks for them. Bapi, sources in the court say, looked calm but exhausted. "He was not restless. He asked for water once during the 90-minute hearing," said a court official.
As soon as the court ordered a day's transit remand to the two accused, they were bundled into an SUV and whisked away to Jamshedpur police lines, where a BSF chopper was waiting. They took off at 4.10pm.
"Security is the primary reason for taking him on air," said Md Nehaluddin, OC of Adityapur police station who escorted the CBI team to Sereikela before seeing them off at the Sonari aerodrome.
It took 45 minutes to reach the Midnapore police lines. Bapi's hood was taken off during the journey and he frequently looked out of the window, said a source. It was the first time he had got to fly. "Despite his situation, he was curious and asked the officers some questions," the source said.
Officers took Bapi to Midnapore as the place is safer than Jhargram, which is located in the middle of Maoist territory.

Please explain to me the highlighted parts.
Though I know "bizarre" means "confused or strange".

Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata-/Copter-ride-to-dodge-ambush-risk/articleshow/6077104.cms
User_garyIn an almost bizarre touch
In a turn of events that was nearly unbelievably strange
User_garytransit remand
an order to transport (the accused)

Thank you CalifJim.

But I couldn't understand the phrase "a turn of events". Could you please explain it to me?