Hi folks,

Please, if someone looks like he is "in-between bad haircuts"...please what does it mean? My gf found this phrase at the internet page, which treats of pregnancy.

After having had Veronica, I am noticing even more changes. My super straight hair (I used to curl it with a curling iron to no avail and when I tried to perm it when I was in high school, the curl just did not take) now has a weird curl to it in random places. All the hair that fell out when Veronica was 4 months old is now growing back and I look like I am in-between bad haircuts.

many thanks in advance.



It means that my hair looks terrible, that all my haircuts are badly done.

Oh dear. This poor woman. She's simply humorously describing how bad her hair looked.

Have you ever had a bad haircut? Your hair looks awful. But you think "I won't worry - it'll grow back" and you continue.

Have you ever had a good haircut, but you wait too long to get it cut again, so it looks all wrong?

Now combine the worst aspects of each of these situations. That is how she thinks she looks.
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It means that her hair looks very bad.
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Many thanks to all of your for your explanations. To be frank, I was little confused with that preposition "in-between". But two examples, provided by GG, explained the meaning perfectly. Many thanks again..

have a nice day

I've probably had more bad hair cuts than the gentlemen. Emotion: smile