These days, it is hard to overstate the fact that the number of obese and less fit kids has recently experienced a great increase across the globe. This paragraph will prove that this trend can be attributed to a host of factors. One of the main root causes of this problem is an unhealthy diet. For instance, children’s current excessive consumption of fast food and saturated foods, such as hamburgers and snacks, is the most likely factor contributing to the increase in body fat, resulting in weight gain. Another reason leading to this situation is the sedentary lifestyle that results from leisure habits. Boys and girls these days tend to spend time doing idle activities, especially screen-time activities such as excessive exposure to television, becoming couch potatoes, locking themselves away for hours in front of the computer, and going online day by day. Consequently, time for exercise is gradually becoming less frequent, leading to an inability to burn calories in the body. A final possible cause of the problem lies in the hectic study schedule of children. Children these days are generally overloaded with a high level of assignments from their teachers, extra classes, and they easily forget about healthy eating. With there being no time devoted to taking care of their regular diet, imbalanced eating records of inappropriate amounts of food from different food groups (high calorie foods, fewer foods from vegetables and fruit categories) are gradually formed day by day, which can lead to obesity and over-nutrition. To summarize, I strongly believe that children's problems with weight gain and unfit bodies are partly due to their diet and partly because of their lifestyle.

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