Nowadays, it has increasing number of people who are choosing to live alone in these day than in the past. While there are many benefits to live alone,there are also some drawbacks to consider. In this essay, I will discuss both of it


You did not answer the essay question. Your answer is your thesis statement. Do not mention your essay. Just answer the topic question.

For example:

1. I think it is very unfortunate that more people are living by themselves. It is not good for the individual, the family or the society.

2. In my opinion, it is good for people to live independently and on their own and more young people should adopt this lifestyle. While there are a few negative effects, it is mostly beneficial for everyone.

Your first sentence is bad English. You repeat “in these days” with “nowadays” These mean the same thing.

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people who choose to live alone in these day than in the past.


Please do not put the essay instructions in the post title. Put it with your essay in the message body.

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