Nowadays, fast food is getting more popular, it has a tendency to replace traditional foods in some nations. People assume that this phenomenon might provide families, individuals and society a detrimental impact. I do not completely agree with this viewpoint owing to some of the advantages that fast food can bring.

On the one hand, I accept that fast food could be harmful to human health. Once one consumes too much fast food, they could be able to get some serious health diseases such as obesity. Moreover, replacing traditional foods is a way of losing traditional culture. Every single country has its own culture and food is a way to represent that. For example, Vietnam is a must-go destination because of traditional foods such as pho, bread, bun cha, etc and every foreigner wants to travel to Vietnam to enjoy that kind of food. If it is replaced by fast food, Vietnam’s traditional culture can be forgotten and the number of tourists will be cut down.

That being said, there are some reasons why replacing traditional food by fast food could have some benefits. The chief among that is the convenience compared to traditional food. Specifically, when you eat fast food, it has various forms to order such as delivery, drive-through, carry out and eat in while eating traditional food can be a little more inconvenient because you have to eat in the restaurant. This can be a problem for someone who does not have a lot of time like students and workers. As a consequence, people tend to choose fast food rather than traditional food to save time.

In conclusion, although consuming fast food can be detrimental to human health as well as the traditional culture could be lost, this is not a sound reason to neglect the convenience by replacing traditional food by fast food.


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