In our days, young people feel bored.boring is a feeling mostly appears in young people file, they don't now what they can make, every thing in their life is bored, it doesn't have any value. So, what are these reasons of this feeling?

The most known cause of boring is the life style, Everyday repeated action may cause the boring. for example, a university student go everyday to the university, attend his lectures, sit with his freinds, then he go home to write his homework and watch television, like a coatch potato. So, The fix schedule is on of the most important causes of boring.

also our society don't make any thing for those people, don't make activities which remove the routine from our life. we have also another important cause of boring is the Unemployment, each student has been studying for four years but he is sure that he cannot benefit a lot from his degree because we have not a lot of Jobs in our country,this is also a reason which make our young people boring. the third cause of boring is our political issues, in our country, we have a lot of political problems, this problems decrease the investments in our country, which it will decrease the jobs, so what those people can make?

some young people make some errors in their future planning, they don't make any purpose in their life, like staffing, trading, studying. this limitation in our planning also may make us bored.

Boring is a bad feel, each one must make something to change his life and his daily routine to be rich by activities, achievements and energy. we must try to make something that can add a value to our life.
Hello Ahmad, and welcome to English Forums.

There are some significant problems with your essay.

First, let's talk about bored and boring.
  • When I am bored, it describes how I feel. There is nothing interesting to do or I am not interested in what I am doing/seeing/hearing.
  • When I am boring, I make others feel bored. I talk for hours about my cats, or my medical issues. They don't want to hear it.
  • When I am bored, I experience the noun boredom.
You seem to have some trouble with this. It's the same as being "scared" (I feel the emotion of fright) and "scary" (I cause others to feel frightened.) You'll find this in a number of -ed/-ing word pairs.

You also don't use proper end punctuation and capitalization. A sentence ends with a period/full stop. Then there is a space, and then the new sentence starts with a capital letter.

Everyday means ordinary. Every day means something that happens each day.

Try to rewrite your essay paying attention to punctuation and capitalization, and using the right forms of bored/boring.

Also, I don't agree with at least two of your statements. How can a student NOW experience boredom because he is concerned about finding a job LATER? I understand that a person who is unemployed now can be bored, but your argument doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I also don't agree that it's society's job to provide entertainment for others. Three friends can spend the evening together, talking and laughing and having fun, and not be bored. It's not the job of "society" to make sure they have something to do.