These days, with the development of many modern equipments, a lot of machines are invented with the view of making the labour much easier. Those convenient stuff bring human life huge benefits that substitute a ton of tasks we do in both daily life and workplace. However, abuse of such amazing machines also has some unavoidable drawbacks. In this essay, we will weigh up both the advantages and disadvantages of the use of modern equipments.

Let’s begin by looking at the advantages of remarkable machines. One of the best things about those equipments is they help people balance the life between work and play. Machines will replace many of the tasks people need to do so that they can have more spare time to do others things such as entertaining or resting. For instance, machines may help housewife complete the choir work such as washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or some cooking stuff like oven, cooker and so on. Another main positives of machines is they reduce the workload of the laborers and the white-collar workers.In terms of nine-to-five jobs, for example, computer may solve a massive amount of sophisticated data in place of officers. Or in factories, machines are the indispensable instruments for mass-produce.

Thanks to those modern equipments, the labourers are relieved from heavy work as well as the extrication from being stuck behind a desk of the office workers.

Turning to the other side of argument, such efficient stuff also get some detrimental disadvantages. One of the worst aspects of them is the rise of unemployment due to utilizing machines at work. With a myriad of benefits machines brings us, especially the function of coping with many tasks at the same time, factories and businesses can spend a sum of money to purchase those convenient things in order to promote the process of work instead of hiring people to do that. That will be the reason for the losing jobs of many labourers. What’s more, machines at home such as dishwasher or vacuum machine will make people become lazier and lazier as machines replace them to do the housework. Because of presume on machines, they have more free time not only for necessary things but also for some bad habits such as spending too much time on watching television or playing computer games that be able to lead to some life-tolling diseases.

All things considered, the invention of modern machines is one of the outstanding things of humankind. However, it is imperative to deploy machines in only some specific sectors which are beyond the reach of humans.

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