The 10,000-year-old body of a baby female mammoth was discovered in northwest Siberia. Even though she's very old, this mamoth is in great shape.

John is in great shape.

I doubt that the meanings of the above two phrases in bold are the same. What do you think? Thanks.
Hi Angliholic

In both cases the meaning is basically "in very good condition".

More specifically, in the case of the mammoth, that means the body has been well-preserved and undisturbed.

In John's case, it could be fairly context-dependent, but it probably means he is phsically fit or quite healthy. It could also mean that John is in a good position with something -- e.g. a project he is working on is currently on time, or under-budget, or proceeding exactly as planned, etc.
Thanks, Yankee, for the clear reply.

I get it now.

By the way, it's about time to greet you with the best of the day to you in your neck of the woods, while it's getting darker and colder in Formosa--07:18.