In bible says, God created man in his own image;Does it mean man just looks like him or he's exactly like him in shape and form?

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And let me ask you a question like you did...How can a god that creates everything including time,space,energy,happiness and exhaustion get tired or feel the urge to REST,which is one of his own creations? I think if god needs one of his creations and even can sleep one tenth of a second then that's no god,a weak god that's not worth fearing and praising.

Could that god be an alien?

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AlpheccaStars,You're missing the point,but anyway, Would there be any windows without DOS?DOS,directly or indirectly was a way to creating windows,wasn't it?,and also Steve Jobs didn't write IOS himself and he was actually a business man and didn't know a lot about technology but,could there be an IOS if he hadn't founded Apple?

To anonymous

No,God is not an alien,you know what makes me doubt it?Because this idea of God being an alien is promoted directly or indirectly by some capitalists who deny God and love to live in denial,you know why?because by believing that there's an almighty tenacious God who's also just and compassionate who's promised he will punish the likes of these "human rights defenders" who have the blood of millions of people on there hands,it's gonna make them "uncomfortable";How many people could Earth feed if one country(I think it was Netherlands) was willing to share their knowledge in food industry???More than TWENTY FREAKING BILLION people!!!Not only they haven't shared the knowledge,they (capaitalists) make a lot of fuss,"Earth can't handle 6-7 billion humans".

book bee 913No,God is not an alien,

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