Can someone tell me a way I can be sure which preposition to use.
For instance I recetly heard 'I'm the answer to many of your unanswered questions. Why 'to' instead of 'of'?
If you can explain it to me thoroughly it would be nice. Even nicer if gave me lots of examples.Emotion: smile
Hi Madhulk,

I wish I could invent a rule book for preposition use because I know I could make a fortune selling it. Some Prep. are used idiomatically and some are based on common logic and the rest are without reasons.

She is the answer to my prayer.

I don’t have the answer to your question.

“To” is the only suitable prep. and don’t ask me why.

The only way to get better in prep use is to increase your exposure to English which means reading, listening and watching more English programming on TV.

“On TV”, that’s a good one! Why not “in TV”, you may ask.

That’s because it’s idiomatic.

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Thanks, Goodman!
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