Is it the same? What's the difference?

Thank you
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I'm not really sure what you're asking. Do you want to know if "in life" and "live" are the same? I really need more context, because I can't think of any situations that would lead one to believe they might be interchangable, as "life" is a noun and "live" a verb.
Oh, I just realized you probably meant the adjective live (with a long 'i') instead of the verb live (with a short 'i').

I still would appreciate more context or an example to answer your question more thoroughly. For the time being I have to say that "in life" and "live" are not the same, though they do have similar meanings and can convey the same idea (confusing, I know).
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Yes, please try to post context whenever you can, Antonia. Words often have so many different meanings, depending on how they are used.
m' it has the same meaning, but it will depends on how you used it in a sentence.

Sorry for not offering more context in the first place.

I saw him in life, or for example, used by reporters ''Live from New York...''

Thank you all
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OK, thanks Antonia. Hmm.

'I saw him in life on TV-- strange
'I saw him live on TV-- normal

'Live from NY, it's the Johnny Carson Show!'-- normal (well, Johnny Carson was not quite normal, but..)
'In life from NY, it's the Etc!' -- strange

'My friend has a live python.'-- normal
'My friend has a python in life.' -- nope

I think they are quite different in use, and in meaning. 'Live' means not on film/video, etc. 'In life' means 'not dead', 'while alive':

'In life he was a good father and a faithful husband'.

Can you give me other contexts?
Here is some more context for in life:

It's like in a B movie, except this time it's in life: we're driving to Ma Maison in his old car.

There he is - Orson Welles in life.

I would have written 'in real life' for the first instance, and 'in the flesh' for the second. Perhaps the idiom was different a few years ago. What is the publication date of that Welles biography, Antonia?
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