Clark: This is my friend Chloe.
She works at the Daily Planet. She'd love to interview you.

Rachel: Usually, l don't give interviews.
But you know what? For a friend of Clark's, sure thing.

Chloe: Wow. Uh...Okay.
Except l'm afraid l'm actually in line
behind the sheriff.
The sheriff has to "interview" her first?
Um, the police autopsied your vehicle and it looks like someone jimmied
the accelerator
(Blocked it?) and cut the brake line.
No offense, Miss Davenport but the only accident here
is that Clark saved your life.
Common situation: Sir, I'd like to talk with you! ~ Take a number (get in line).

To jimmy is to force something to work: he jimmied the lock and was in the apartment in only ten seconds.
Thanks, Philip!