Hi, can you help me which prepostion is corret in this noun phrase "my mind". For exmple:
I'm thinking you in my mind, or
I'm thinking you on my mind.
Neither is any good. Use one of these:

I'm thinking of you.
You are on my mind.
I can just see it in my mind. (when I think about it; when I imagine it)

George has money on his mind all the time because of the recession. (Money preoccupies his thoughts; he is worried about money matters.)

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Thanks alot Mister Micawber Emotion: smile
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I agree completely with Mister Micawber.

something different :

on my mind or on one's mind means something and someone you care , you are worried about ..

in my mind or in one's mind means your opinion in something ...

if you want to show a stronger feeling , use on my mind maybe better ..

like the question :in my heart , on my heart ?