It is said that when the infinitive used in a sentence is adverbial, to express some purpose, it can be replaced with 'in order to do.'


・I worked hard to pass the exam.=>I worked hard in order to pass the exam.

Now, I was told (by Jim) that the infinitive 'to add to our diet' in 'Let's look for salt to add to our diets.' is adverbial.


If the infinitive were replaced with 'in order to do', as 'Let's look for salt in order to add to our diets, would it still make sense? 

I mean, is it possible for the noun in front of 'in order to do' to be the object of 'do' in 'in order to do'?
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TakaNow, do you think 1'-9' sound right? In my opinion, 7'-9' work fine, but 1'-6' don't. Well, 1'-3' and 6' might work but 4'-5' in particular don't sound right.
The separation between 1-6 and 7-9 was, of course, the point I was making. There's nothing you've written here that I don't agree with. I concur with all of your judgments. Emotion: smile