As we know, a large number of people currently have tendency to moving from the countrysides to cities where everything is more state-of-the-art. this essay will discuss about the benefits and drawbacks of living in a small settlement. On the bright side, people can get on well with neighbors in the village so they also learn social skills. For instance, children always have chance to play or experience with others. By means of chatting and sharing, they never feel lonely. What's more, the living costs are cheaper than that in the city. Almost all of goods are reasonable price which helps villagers live on an easier conditions. Another main reason is people won't need to worried about some alarming problems like traffic congestion, exhaust fumes, polluted environment because of so few cars there. It's why the countryside has nearly zero emissions. this make sure about health for inhabitants. However, settle down in small community isn't completely beneficial, there're some negative aspects that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the facilities and infrastructures in the countryside are not as good as in the city. Many schools, buildings, hospitals, workplaces are invested to provide the best thing for humans. people can have better chance in educationand care-taking. Secondly, young people must face up to the absence of jobs. The percentage of unemployments have been rising because there isn't enough office to do. Then they will have difficulty in developing economic or enhance living's quality. From my perspective, the advantages of living in small community is greater than the disadvantages.Peple perchance have less money but they can live in peace, quiet and harmony. Especially, they will always be surrounded by their neighborhoods who will lend a hand to them under any circumstances.


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