In recent years, many extreme weather phenomena such as floods, wildfires, and severe droughts have increased significantly on a global scale.

What problems will this cause for individuals and society as a whole?

Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of extreme weather events.

My answer:

Some studies give informations regarding a range of catastropic weather particularly floods, wildfires and severe droughts have a significant increase on o worldwide scale. This essay will discuss about what persons and society will face with the issues and show some solutions for limmiting the effect of extreme weaher events.

On the one hand, there are a range of issues for persons and society because of the increase of extreme weather. First of all, human will cope with the shortage of human basic needs. In other words, we have to face up with the water shortage, food shortage, power shortages and somethings like that. As a result, these substantial losses will lead human to eliminate together to achieve these needs and from time to time, human will disappear that is the worst effect that people have to address quickly. Second of all, the habitat will also disappear by the environmental disruption. This is because that multiple catastrophe might appear respectively, while human just prepare for once, leading to an entire of destruction for human.

On the other hand, before these results can occur in humnan life, we can prevent and restrict the forthcoming sudstantial losses. Firstly, the governments have to teach their dweller about the protection of the environement for reducing the increase of global temperature which is the main reason for extreme weather phenomenon like floods and wildfires. This way can add a range of knowlegde to the residents for preventing these negative results. Secondly, through the effort of governments, the individual have to complete this way comprehensively and try to come up with some small sollutions which are comfier for them to address multiple type of pollution like air pollution and water pollution. As a result, the environment can improve more via a lot of good actions and we can address a range of issues, that we might not cope with these harmful results.

To sum up, while the extreme weather phenomenon have gone up sharply, we also can prevent them by the entire effort of society and persons. I recommend that we have to do these ways to decrease these negative impacts sooner and more quickly



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I think that i have to have an IELTS exam on July. I want to have a high score like 7.0 at all

Tan Trieu CaoI think that I have to have an do the IELTS exam on in July.

What do you mean by "think"? July is only a couple of weeks away! Do you not have a date booked for the exam?

Tan Trieu CaoI want to have a high score like 7.0. at all

"at all" does not make sense! Perhaps you mean "at least" or "overall" instead. Just to give you an idea, the above essay would get no more than 5 or 5.5 in IELTS. You need to do a lot more work to be able to get 7. Can you postpone the date of your exam?

my essay have a lot of mistakes about grammar and vocab!! I will post another essays to receive the judgements from u guys.

I think I will do my exam at 15th of July. I said I thought because my sister booked that exam for me.

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Tan Trieu CaoMy essay have has a lot of mistakes

Do you see what I mean? You really need to do a lot of basic work on fundamentals (grammar, vocab, spelling, basic phrasing) before you start writing essays.

Tan Trieu Cao I will post an other essays to receive the judgements feedback from you guys.

I honestly think you would benefit much more from posting individual sentences or very short paragraphs.

Tan Trieu CaoI think I will do my exam at on the 15th of July. I said I thought because my sister booked that exam for me.

See if you can postpone it (e.g. on medical grounds).