In recent years, social networking is popular all over the country. And we can see that social media is gradually transforming the way people communicate with each other, which has created many problems and has had serious effects. This essay will give appropriate solutions to the above problem.

First, it can be said that social networks have caused many bad effects for users. For example, when users post articles and images on social networking sites, it is easy for other account holders to use harsh and offensive language. In addition, in some severe cases, victims can become depressed and even commit suicide. In addition, social networks also reduce communication skills in real life because spending too much time on screens affects health, when starting to chat directly with each other will feel confused. For example: Students study online for too long, when they start studying at school and meet teachers, they will be embarrassed when learning to speak.

There are several possible solutions to help

solve these problems. First, the government should enact strict laws to punish those who use abusive language to seriously affect and hurt the victim's mind and body. In particular, the founder must design functions that remove sensitive images and offensive words to enSure a safe and educational environment for users. In addition, users should also consider before writing or posting something to avoid harassment. The second measure is that users should manage their time to limit the abuse of social networking sites, instead people should participate in many outdoor activities. To meet these problems the government should invest in public playgrounds, organize events to attract more people.

In summary, social networks have affected many problems and this is the cause of reduced direct interaction and negative effects on users. However, the solutions mentioned above can be considered as effective ways to alleviate these problems


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