I have always thought that "with regard to ..." is correct but a lot of people use "in regards to ...".
Am I correct?
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Kenneth G. Wilson (1923–). The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993.
regarding, as regards, in regard(s ) to, with regard(s ) to
In and with regard to, regarding, and as regards are all Standard, synonymous prepositions, slightly longer and more varied than but meaning much the same as about and concerning: I spoke to him regarding [ as regards, in regard to, with regard to] his future. With regards to is Nonstandard and frequently functions as a shibboleth, although it can be Standard and idiomatic in complimentary closes to letters: With [my ] regards to your family…. In regards to, however, is both Substandard and Vulgar, although it appears unfortunately often in the spoken language of some people who otherwise use Standard. It never appears in Edited English.
To my knowledge, with regard to is the appropriate, i.e., standard choice. It seems that "in regards to" is one of many examples that language is living and evolving, though not always for the better.
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We had it drilled into our heads that "regards" was a salutation and "in regard to" was proper for direction to a subject. So it is disturbing to hear it misused commonly, today.
For the closing of a letter is "With kind regards" correct or "With Kind regard"?

Neither is wrong but #1 is common and I don't remember seeing #2.

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I remember writing regards in one of my college papers, and my professor circled it with a note that read 'who are you thanking?'. Apparently the correct expression is regard. 'Regards' is only used when thanking another. eg Kind 'Regards', or please pass on my 'regards'..
The key point, from my perspective, is that "in regards to" is simply incorrect. That particular phrase should always be "in regard to". Or one could use "with respect to", and there are many other variations as mentioned in your post. A well established utilization of "regards" is in the closing of a note or letter, again as others have noted. And never the twain shall meet!


'In regard to' is more often used in American English vs. 'with regard to' in British English.

both correct.
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