Can anyone think of another word/phrase for "In so doing"? I'm not sure "Subsequently" works and I just can't think of another. Thanks!
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Please supply the complete sentence in which you wish to use the phrase.
Stein presents Jane's light skin as forming a racial barrier between herself and Sara. In so doing, she divests race of any definitive meaning.

(Not logically sensical, but that is the general gist).

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Well, 'subsequently' certainly doesn't work there.

In doing so
By making that statement
Mister MicawberWell, 'subsequently' certainly doesn't work there.In doing soBy making that statementThereby
Thanks MM!
"In so doing' sounds silly to me. The simple alternative is "By doing so, ..."
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In so doing is a very common permutation, John. Perhaps you need more experience reading threads here before you start posting.

In doing so - 1596 instances in the Corpus of Contemporary English

In so doing - 1045 instances in the Corpus of Contemporary English
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