Could "insofar as" be used as "because"?

"He left early insofar as it's getting late." = "He left early because it's getting late."
Look at these two sentences:
The news is good because it suggests that a solution may be possible.
Here, 'the news' is regarded as being 'totally good' FOR THE REASON that a solution may be possible.

The news is good insofar as it suggests that a solution may be possible; but this news is of little comfort right now to the innocent women and children caught up in this conflict, and who suffer the atrocities of war daily. The only good news for them will be an end to the fighting.

Can you so that here, the writer partly accepts the news can be regarded as 'good', but then expresses his views as to why the news is no cause to celebrate just yet.

"He left early.
Why? What was the reason?
Because it was getting late."

Were you trying to indicate with 'insofar as' that the reason he gave for leaving early, 'it's getting late', was only part of the reason? Yes, it was getting late, but also, an ex-grilfriend had just arrived and he would feel uncomfortable if he had to talk and socialize with her
So, under the right circumstances, "insofar as" = "because"?
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"Employee stock options are mostly offered to management as part of their executive compensation package. They may also be offered to non-executive level staff, especially by businesses that are not yet profitable, insofar as they may have few other means of compensation."

I have a feeling that "insofar as" is used (possibly incorrectly) as "because" here.
I found this:

Under entry "in that or in so far as", "in so far as" (with extra spaces) could mean "because". But the source is question, because the website is in beta form.
Is "in so far as" different from "insofar as"?
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So, under the right circumstances, "insofar as" = "because"?

Your use of 'so' indicates that something I wrote leads you to believe/deduce the above.

What did you find in my post to support "insofar as" ="because" in certain circumstances?
I am confused. Could it be that "insofar as" not = "because", but "in so far as" (extra spaces) = "because"?