I'd like to know if I should say "in some way" or "in some ways"...

I think this is the best forum for learning English, in some way/ways.
You are right, in some way/ways.
I managed to learn English in the end, in some way/ways.
I'll try to help you, in some way/ways.

I think in the first two it should be ways, in the second two it should be way. Any comments? Thanks. Emotion: smile
When you use "in some ways" it means that you can make statements to support this statement, and some that may to go against it.

The way you have used "in some way" is better restated as "somehow." I'll figure it out somehow. I'll find a way to help you somehow. Another idiomatic usage is "one way or another." One way or another, I'm going to New York to see Francesca. (An even more idiomatic usage is "By hook or by crook," which means you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.)
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I see, thanks.
So, "in some ways" means something like "to some extent", as my dictionary says, but what about "in some way"? Isn't it a good alternative to "one way or another"?
Thanks. Emotion: smile
Not really. "Some how, some way" - maybe (also very idiomatic).
Ah, ok. Thank you. Emotion: smile
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