Hi, could anyone help me please? Which is correct? in stock or on stock?
I have been using "in stock" all my life, and I have seen it in textbooks I have used. Today, two girls working for a company in the Czech Republic told me they had been using "on stock" regularly in correspondence with their customers and asked me if it was correct. I didn't want to rule out the possibility of "on stock" being also correct and told them I would check and ask first. I have actually seen in one of my dictionaries "on stock" today and I am truly puzzled. I kind of think "on stock" is not correct.
Thanks anyone in advance for your advice.
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anonymous Isn't this an American English site?

No. American AND British AND Australian AND South African AND Indian English, and so on, but all English.


Wow, you're so kind, people are asking about in and on, and you post this long article from the moon, pleaaaaase use english to get the goal
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I think it is the use of Czech prepositions

NA podlaze = ON the floor

NA stole = ON the table

NA trhu = ON the market

závislý NA rodičích = dependent ON parents

NA dovolené = ON holiday

NA straně 20 = ON page 20

NA skladě = IN stock

I work in sales department in Polish company and most of my collegues while contacting with international clients also use form "on stock" and it is for sure caused by obvious similarities in Polish and Czech grammar.