"in such a case" vs "in such case"
Is there a difference in meaning? Is there a rule that determins the usage of article after "such"? Thanks in advance.
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Hi, MSK.

If the noun that follows 'such' is singular and countable, you need 'a' or 'an.'
If the noun is plural or uncountable, neither is required.

in such a case ... (case: singular and countable)
in such cases ... (cases: plural)
with such care that ... (care: uncountable)

hope this helps..
If you google for "in such case" site:uk OR site:ca you will get 31,100 googles, almost all of it is legalese and a lot of it from GOVERNMENT sites. Are they wrong? Or "in such case" or "in such a case" have different meanings? After all, it is possible to say "in case of" - no article.
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Hi, again.

Based on my grammar knowledge, limited though it is, I don't feel that 'in such case' is right, unless there is a new linguistic development going on. If it is indeed right, I dare say either that the word 'case' is considered both a countable and uncountable noun, or that 'such' is the misuse of 'that' or 'which.'
I may be wrong.
Hopefully, moderators will come in.

'in case of' is an idiomatic expression like 'in search of.' But you may say '...in the search for....' You'll see 'in the event of' but not 'in event of' --just one aspect of craziness of English.
With this said, I think my mother tongue is just as crazy. I have been tongue-tied many times when asked about the usages of my language.
I have answered this on another thread. Please avoid double-posting.
WOuld you please provide with examples for each of the statements?
Thank you very much
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 well, then, you should post the link to the previously answered thread! since this site has a  terrible searching capability
I encountered "in such case" in a legal document and it made me wonder why there was no "a" i.e. in such a case.
then i consulted my Longman dictionary and found out that "such" can be a determiner, predeterminer and a pronoun...
so possibly, in "in such case" - it functions as a determiner...
i think it is common in legal parlance

Thank you so much :-)

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