Is it ok to say

" In the/this course of time my devotion for you has only grown [or increased].

Does putting 'the' and 'this' make any diffence.

'In the course of all these my devotion/anger for you has only grown..

pls suggest
I wish that you would change the topic of your sentences. Throughout your posts here, you continue to sound like you are trying to force your affections on some unwilling young lady.
Is it just because I use words defining 'love' you felt that??

Actually Iam trying to write one blog... regarding 'Love and Affection..' But some words really confuse me while writing so required help from some experts..

Im very sorry but you misconstrued my writings...

In future ill try to use some technical words to know the meaning...
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Ah, a blog! I see. Well, press on, then.
I find this is for the second time instead of giving your valuable suggestions to my posts you are more interested in finding/concluding the purpose of my writings..

I would really appreciate your answers but if you find any problem in doing the same I would suggest hence forth you can just ignore my post without answering them.

I would be glad if you please arrange to delete your irrelevant comments from my post.

I do sometimes find problems in helping posters whose purposes for their English may not be ethical. That is why, for instance, we ban spammers. As a moderator, I have a responsibility to investigate. However, as I said, I find that your explanation appears to be innocent, and I encourage any members who wish to do so to respond to your questions.
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Iam thankful and appreciate your kind support ..