Hi. The sentence is this: "There are many job opportunities in the market." It seems to me it should be "on the market" because it's about jobs on offer. Which is correct? Thanks!

In the market.

On the market would be on the top of the market. In the market means available.
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Thanks. Why does Merriam-Webster Online (www.merriam-webster.com) define those terms in the following way:

in the market

: in the position of being a potential buyer <in the market for a house>

on the market

: available for purchase; also : up for sale <put their house on the market>

What other examples of using "on the market" could you give? Thanks!

I agree with the definations above. You don't sell a new job though.
Oh, ok. Thanks!
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Ex: Are you in the market for an apartment?
Ex: This apartment is on the market.