Another input requested on passive voice problem.

This is a sentence probably presented by the Immigration Department :

You have been received entry.

Question: how is this sentence constructed? Or is it simply not correct?

Explanation of the question:
A. Jimmy Page gave me a guitar.

B. A guitar was given to me by JP.
C. I was given a guitar by JP

... the sentence A can be rewritten into B or C in passive voice. That is possible because verbs such as "give" and "send" take two objects; "me" and "a guitar" in the sentence A. However the verb "receive" takes only one object as I think.

Then, in order for the sentence, "You have been received entry." to be valid, you have to be able to say:

The Immigration Department received me entry. ... To me, this is saying like, "I will drive me a car." or "I'll drink me a beer."

I ask for your clarifications on this, hopefully by running A, B and C sentences above.

Thanks in advance.


p.s. I don't think it matters but the original sentence in question is, "you could be the last applicant to have been received entry."

jazzmasterYou have been received entry.
Not correct. We'd expect You have been granted entry or You have been denied entry.

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jazzmasteryou could be the last applicant to have been received entry
Also wrong.

All your comments about forming the passive are OK, however.

CJ, thanks for coming through for me.

I had a strange sense of incongruity against "have been received entry" myself.
You proved my intuition was correct indeed.

Thanks, again.