Hi. In Micah 2:8 of the Bible in the New International Version, it is stated:

Lately my people have risen up
like an enemy.
You strip off the rich robe
from those who pass by without a care,
like men returning from battle.

Now, is it correct to write "the rich robe"? Should it be "rich robes"?

Also, are these correct instructions to place things in the correct rooms? Shouldn't it be "the correct rooms"? Let's say you have a number of items like "sofa" and "sink" and various rooms of a house listed and you have to write the items in the correct rooms. Thank you in advance for your help.

Instructions: Write these items in the correct room.

anonymousNow, is it correct to write "the rich robe"?

Consider the translation notes from the Hebrew original. I will give some insight into the difficulties of translation.