Clark: How you doing?
Lana: To be honest, I'm in way over my head. All I wanted to do is help Chloe. Now
I feel like I've screwed up everything.
What does the underlined mean?
Involved in something that requires more ability than she possesses. The metaphor is from swimming - think of being in deep water when you cannot swim.
I know the meaning of 'over one's head' but this in way worried me.
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"Way" intensifies the distance, or in this case depth. Short for "away," I think.

He lives way down the road.
You have to go way up on the fortieth floor to get refills.
The store's way the heck [or h*ll] out in the boondocks on Highway 83.
Oh, so it's not in way it was just way.
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It's "I'm in (trouble, water, this situation) way over my head."
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Yes. She might have simply been in "over her head," but she was in "way over her head."
Thanks guys, it got clear to me now.